How to become a guider in mmm nigeria – join mmm school

MMM Guider School.

Want to know how to become mmm guider? mmm nigeria guiders school is a place where participants are trained to convey the idea of MMM to people, share valuable knowledge to people, invite new members, advise and assist participants of the Community when they have some difficulties, conduct conferences. And participants certainly should be sure that their guiders are well trained and really qualified to their position.

Since MMM guiders are the foundation and strength of the Community. MMM opened Guiders’ School and provides the opportunity for every active Community member to enroll, to complete the course and get the status of a Guider! Only guiders have the possibility to register participants straight from their own PO thanks to a button called — “Add participant” and make their own structures and receive bonuses from each member of his structure. Guiders are in direct contact with the Administration of MMM and the Coordinators of MMM in various countries which gives the opportunity to the MMM Leaders to take part in shaping the future of the MMM Community and the Whole World!

It is an exciting opportunity! You will have lots of fun meeting new people from all over the world, find friends, partners and make your own team which will rock the whole MMM Community!


A lot of people are curious of what’s being taught at the MMM Guider’s School, so we provide more details about whatever is going on there. Now anybody who is thinking about graduating can take the correct decision for himself/herself.

— “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together,” George Eliot.

There are the series of small but important things brought together in the MMM Guider’s School:

You will know more about MMM and the way it works.
Meet the top leaders of MMM, have lessons with them and be guided by them.
Find out different ways of working in social networks and how to approach people.
Learn how to tackle difficult situation that might come on your way.
Know how to create your own Youtube channel and organize it properly.
How to create and record your own videos — easy and fun.
Think strategically and plan in a long-term prospect.
Work in a team.
And the most important thing: you will learn how to be real Leaders!

Besides that, in the School you will surely make friends from all over the world, communicate and share your experience and ideas.

Educational Process

Education in the School is provided online and lasts for 8 days. Daily school meetings are scheduled: it is an opportunity to consult the tutor and to share personal achievements with classmates. Students are provided with free training materials — they only need to have a personal computer or laptop. Training is conducted in English.

Apply NOW

— “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” Milton Berle.

With unbelievable hard work, belief and strength from the entire MMM Community we are proud to have built this DOOR, now it’s your turn to simply knock! And you might find the answer you have been looking for all your life, find peace, happiness and most importantly be fulfilled!

Last, but not least — It is absolutely free of charge!

Remember: if you are active and hard-working, you can always count on full support of MMM community. So become a leader, build your own structures, develop the Community, change your life for good and Together we’ll change the whole World!

If you want to apply to MMM Guider’s School, fill out the form below (knock the door! :-)).

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  1. Aworanti oluwatoyin grace 5 years ago

    Is there anything for those that still have money there since year 2016 ,what wolud be their hope

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